Tattoo Advertisement

by teslary


This advertisement for a tattoo shop is a perfect way to appeal to tattoo enthusiasts and people who are new to the world of body art. The visual uses an attractive female because well no one wants to look at an ugly person, no offense, when they see an ad for something. It shows the tattoos on her body clearly so the viewer can see what kind of work they will receive from the artists. Also she has piercings shown which the shop is also trying to display because they do both types of body modifications. Now onto the text in this ad. In big bolded white letters, it says “The difference is experience and talent.” What they are trying to say here is that their artists aren’t new to the art of tattooing and piercing. They are trained, talented and experienced veterans in this art, not inexperienced artists or new interns. Below this the ad states that an artist in their shop is an award winning artist, which give the shop credibility and helps you feel safer when getting a tattoo knowing that you are in the hands of an award winning professional. They also say that they do custom work so you can design your own tattoo, along with tradition and tribal designs pre made for you to choose from and they have over 60,000 designs of all sorts for you to choose from. This opens up the variety of tattoos the customer can choose from and hints at the fact that their artists can do almost any tattoo you can think of. Next, the ad talks about piercings and cosmetics. The ad says “exotic body piercing”, this means they not only do normal piercings such as ears or noses, but they will do almost any piercing including eye brows, belly buttons, lips and many others. Cosmetics means they also do implants. These implants are called dermal piercings, which can go almost anywhere on your body such as hips, cheeks, back, hands and other areas. Next they talk about safety and hygienics, which is the most important part when getting body mods done. They mention that their work spaces are clean, hygienic and private which makes everyone getting a body mod done more comfortable knowing they are safe and have their privacy because no one wants to be stared at while being stabbed by a bunch of needles with out any pants on, it’s just awkward as hell. Also mentioned is that all needles in the shop are used only once, which is very good because using dirty or pre used needles is disgusting, unsanitary and flat out disgusting. The final thing said is right below the name of the shop. It says “walk-ins welcome”, which is great because many tattoo shops require you to call prior to coming in or setting up an appointment before they will start working with you. Allowing walk-ins make the customers life much easier when they can just walk into the shop and start working with an artist right away. The only problem with this add is the placement of the title. It would make much more sense to have the name of the shop seen first at the top because people natural start at the top and read down. If the name is seen first then it is in the viewers mind even if they decide to not read the ad and if they are interested they will continue reading about it. Besides that one issue, this advertisement is a great example for a tattoo shop and will attract the attention of the target audience very effectively.